With over 30 centres across Ireland, we run weekly Japa meditation groups that will bring many benefits to your life. Check out our Japa Centres section to find out which centre is nearest to you.

About Japa

Japa yoga is an ancient practice involving the repetition of a mantra. In the word mantra, “man” means “mind” and “tra” means “to protect”. Mantra is a way of protecting and watching your mind.  When mantra is initiated by a teacher and pronounced with love, vigour and devotion, it will unleash the true power of a person. Mantra strengthens the mind and can change the direction of one’s life. Depending on the nature of the practitioner it can bring blessings and enrichment.

What is Japa Meditation?

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Christmas and 2017 New Year

| Dennis Curran, Healers Course | No Comments

An exercise to help healing This is Christmas time and I have an exercise for you to make it more enjoyable and lighter.  If you are holding anything for anyone or if you are angry or frustrated with anybody, you could write a good message to that person and hang…