What is Japa Meditation?

Japa yoga is an ancient practice involving the repetition of a mantra. In the word mantra, “man” means “mind” and “tra” means “to protect”. Mantra is a way of protecting and watching your mind.  When mantra is initiated by a teacher and pronounced with love, vigour and devotion, it will unleash the true power of a person. Mantra strengthens the mind and can change the direction of one’s life. Depending on the nature of the practitioner it can bring blessings and enrichment.

This spiritual practice requires combining the watching of one’s mind, with personal development and the learning of different philosophies like Vedanta. Vedanta is an ancient philosophy that speaks about the oneness of existence, harmony of religions and the divinity of the soul. Vedanta requires patience, is full of life recipes and contains amazing truths.

Our Background

How Japa came to Ireland

My name is Dennis Curran and I am a healer and Japa meditation teacher. I have been practicing Japa yoga since 1998. The word Japa originates from Sanskrit, one of the most ancient languages on earth.  “Ja” means to change life and death cycles and “pa” means to cleanse sin.

In February 1998 I met my teacher who inspired me to attain my spiritual practice. That combined with the ancient philosophy of Vedanta has changed my life.

My teacher taught me mantras and introduced me to Vedanta. “Veda” means knowledge and “anta” an end. It means to use your knowledge to the right end. I was moved by the power of sound. Mantras work on body, mind and soul. Mantras gave me space within myself and a clarity of mind I had never experienced before. The journey I began then was amazing and wonderful. I connected with my soul and learnt how to control my mind. Soon, my wife and children followed in my footsteps and we started to experience a union with each other that was blessed with the presence of Spirit. God started to make a lot more sense.