Fintan Maguire

“Over the past 8 years Dennis Curran has been instrumental in helping me navigate my career. With his guidance and counsel I have steadily moved very successfully forward to where I want to go. From helping me set the right goals, to achieving them, Dennis is a brilliant and hugely effective mentor.
He has a skill set that is a mix of strong business acumen, no nonsense straight talking and spiritual guidance which makes for a very successful combination. Regardless of your profession, if you are looking to turbo charge your career, I would highly recommend you work with him.”

Ania Piwko

“I joined Japa meditation in Clare and Galway 15 months ago, a year after confessing to a friend that I needed to find a teacher – a life teacher. On reflection I see I had no idea what that really meant.

Looking back at the last 15 months I recall a process of change happening in me and around me. One of the biggest changes was the fact that within 10 months of taking up Japa meditationI had reconnected with all members of my close family, including my father with whom I had not spoken for most of my life. I reconnected with my mother in a way that is healthy for me. I found a friend in my sister and a younger brother as well. An equally important development is the number of friends I have gained since joining Japa-wonderful, pure, trustworthy people that I had been missing so much in my life. Most precious of all I found the best friend in myself, meaning I will never feel lonely again.

Trips to India were the milestones. I recall beauty and mental pain. I do remember demons I faced: feelings of loneliness, fear of not being accepted and a lack of confidence in myself. Sure, these feelings come back from time to time but for a shorter time and not with the same strength. Three words describe my development- connection, connection, connection. I experience connection to myself, connection to others and connection to nature, environment and energy.

I am in such a better place now-so much calmer, peaceful and stronger. Funnily enough, I have observed that the happier I am, the happier is the world I am living in. I do not know what the coming days, years will bring, but I am open to them. For the first time in my life I can say that I am living fully and I want to make the best of it. I trust that with the help of Japa and its philosophy, the support of my teacher and my own drive I will achieve it.

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to my teacher Fergal and Dennis for their constant support and kindness.

Ania is currently working as a Supply Chain Planner in APC Schnider Electric Galway. Ania also studies Nutritional Therapy at IINH in Bray.”

Oliver Dixon

“I live on our family  farm a few miles outside Claremorris in Co. Mayo with my wife and two children. We built a Healing & Meditation Room at the Farm because I also work as a Psychotherapist and my wife as a Holistic Healer. In 2010 we made the decision to convert from the Conventional to the Organic system of farming. This conversion took a lot of time and research, and is a decision I am very happy with.

I started Japa meditation  in April of 2013 with Fergal Cusack in Claregalway, having been introduced to it through a family member. My wife joined me the following August and it has since become a daily practice for us both. From the beginning the Vedantic philosophy taught as part of the Japa meditation appealed to me,  and the sound vibrations of the Mantras felt good to my busy mind.

Japa has changed how I work as a farmer, no longer stressing about the weather or the volume of work to be done. I find I have moved from a place of frantically working all hours, to pacing myself, aware that there will always be work in front of me as that is the nature of farming moving through the seasons.

Letting go of  ‘control’, or the need to ‘be in control’ especially around animals has been a big learning for me. In the past I could get very hot headed if the animals didn’t go where they should and when they should Japa has given me a greater belief in myself and in the choices I make. For example,  for the last three years we have held Organic farming Open Days in conjunction with the Department of Agriculture andAn Teagasc. Last year proved to be the biggest Open Day held in the country to date, with over 500 visitors attending. I was aware of  thea peace  myself  sharing my experiences of my organic farming practices with that volume of people. By doing these open days my full farm business was open for scrutiny and discussion to the public, and I realised I no longer gave my energy to what others might think.I have become strong in my ‘groundedness’ and  see that what anyone might think  of my farm or my way of farming is really none of my business.

Patience has come through my Japa practice.To produce on a farm you must have a plan, work with the weather and have patience. Plough the field, pick the stones, ready the soil, make sure you have the correct nutrients and trace elements, sow the crop and wait. You watch the crop grow week by week and only when it is exactly ripe is it ready for harvestpatience.-If the crop fails you need to look at what went wrong, e.g. -Was it the right crop for your farm? Was the seed good? Was the soil correct for the crop?Was it the weather conditions?

etc. And then, accepting ‘it is what it is‘, learn amd move forward There is nothing like the harvest though and the feeling that goes with it. It is about the hard work and patience paying off at that moment and reaping all the fruits of the many hours of labour, the true reward.

As a farmer animals have been great teachers  over the years, particularly their  ability to live naturally in the moment. Japa has renewed this awareness in me.  When they are hungry they eat, when they are tired they lie down, when they are upset, spooked or frightened they are just that in the moment. . Animals are animals, they are not human, and this is a mistake we humans often make, particularly with dogs. We have two very loving dogs here on the farm. Dogs need to know their place though, where they fit in to the order in their pack, they need a Master or Alpha dog for that. If a dog isn’t clear about what their place is they can get very stressed & insecure. As humans we sometimes need Master Teachers and leaders to show us how to master ourselves and our lives. This ‘life is a vast place and it is at times in need of readjustment in order to be fun filled and to live with a good sense of purpose. Animals use their sense of smell and feeling energy to great effect- a dog can smell fear while cattle can smell a stranger. Japa teaches us so much about the energy of ourselves and others. The more aware we become and can feelour own energy the more choices we can make in awareness as to how to use and share that energy.

With Japa I find my head is quieter, no radio on in the tractor or jeep  I do my mantras as I go, and have noticed the dogs seem to enjoy them too.

I have travelled twice to India on Spiritual Pilgrimage  and those trips have given me a much greater appreciation for my life here as a farmer in Ireland. I observed a lot of farming activities as we travelled north of Delhi into the Himalayas. Entire families were out together in the fields doing so much of the hard work by hand and many still depending on animals for transporting food stuffs etc. It made me very aware of how far, as a society, Ireland has moved away from the land, how we have stepped out of our Nature. Japa helps us reconnectwith Nature and more importantlywith our own Nature. There is so much more I could say about my trips to India, they were life-changing and are still having positive effects in me today.

In the past, when people discovered I was a Psychotherapist and a Farmer, the joke was that I must have very happy cows.  I do ! This spring for the first time in a very long number of years there were no casualties during the calving season, the weights of animals sold has increased somewhat. My contentment is reflected in the contentment of my cattle.

With my Psychotherapy work, I find I work quite differently now, and with renewed passion. I have gained much greater insight into the importance of living with peace of mind. I apply this to the Inner Child work which I believe is so important in helping us heal the past so   that we may come home to ourselves, thus reconnecting with our true nature.

These insights have prompted me to start teaching Japa Meditation and Philosophy here in rural Mayo and I genuinely believe everyone can benefit from these simple but profound ancient teachings. I feel so privileged to have such great teachers at my back and I enjoy the Journey so much more now that I have found fun & friendshipalong the way.”