From Advanced Course in Japa Meditation, October 2014

Seeing the miracles

In Ireland many people’s hearts are closed. Many men are not behaving like men; many women are not behaving like women. There is too much aggression in people, too much mean spiritedness. We can’t see the miracle of one another because we can’t see the miracle of ourselves.

Our conception – a miracle in itself

We have so many miracles, our hair, our ears, our eyes, our nose, and our mouth! So many miracles, and how they work, how they interact and intertwine and the intelligence of the different parts of our body. This is very important, to look at the power of your being, your own being. Imagine your conception. You’ve a sperm that you have to look at under a microscope, because you can’t see it. You’ve an egg that you have to look at under a microscope, because you can’t see it. Two pin heads coming together and journeying. When they meet and fertilize, the soul comes from the universe, many, many millions of miles away. At that one point, those three energies come together. In that trinity, life is beginning.

Our importance in the world

In the scale of things, we are very small in the universe. We are specks upon specks upon specks. We are smaller than grains of sand. To the naked eye, we are smaller and smaller the further we go up into space. You then can realise that we are not so important, but we are important because we are part of something. We have to see our soul and see the power of it. Let it in and let it play its role, this is karma.

The universe as a stage

The universe is a giant stage and we all have a part to play. We can change our part whenever we wish. From time to time, we see therapists, counselors or doctors when we get sick. We may spend thirty years of our life crying, and moaning and whingeing, it’s all part of the game, its all part of the growth.

Our body and mind – a micro cosmos of the universe

In our body there are many cells; there are many universes in those cells. Everything that’s outside of us is inside of us. I want you to think about that. When you focus your thinking, when you get rid of your fear you’ll find 95% of it is not your own, it is invasions. It is someone else’s fear that gets in on you.