Ancient Healing for a New Time

By August 14, 2015Healers Course

By Christine McGuinness

Japa meditation is probably as old as time. Its mantras are Sanskrit a language that most closely approaches telepathic language, and these mantras were revealed to the ancient masters and passed on through generations from master to student.

They have stood the test of time and now in this ever changing, ever growing ever evolving world that we live in, it has once again come to the fore to help our consciousness  evolve and become all that it can be. When we come into a Japa circle to meditate, we chant the Mantras, with power and intention, and the energy of the Mantra flows around the circle, cleansing, clearing and healing; bringing us into alignment.

There are many systems and healing codes on the planet today. The coding that is within Japa awakens within people, a deep understanding of their true nature. It helps them to realise the importance of feeling good now, no matter what the outer circumstances.. This code holds the key to achieve any state of being, and when we are able to hold that state, we can achieve all that we desire.

So Why Is This Meditation So Important Now?

For the last six years Ireland has gone through many changes. The recession brought with it so many harsh changes in the lives of so many.

For the last 27 years I have worked in the field of holistic health and wellbeing, and in all that time I have never been witness to so much stress in our lives.

This stress shows up in many and varied ways.  It is a very slow invader and robs us of our peace of mind. People present in my store with so many and varied ailments but when you go to cause it is very often from the source of stress of mind. Modern research substantiates the fact that the mind can control the activity of each cell in our body. Headaches, digestive problems, sleep issues, arthritic and rheumatic pain, mood problems, extreme tiredness, apathy, lowness, fertility issues are but a few I could name. We go about sourcing remedies that will help the individual symptoms but more importantly we try and treat the cause. We often cannot change the cause immediately, so it is so important to change our attitude and take back our power.

So on a physical level you would treat stress with the “B Complex” vitamins and magnesium, you might introduce a homoeopathic or herbal remedy like passiflora or aromatherapy oil for the emotional and mental body. You may choose a crystal, an angel, a prayer for the spiritual body, and all these remedies as well as some well-chosen treatments like reflexology, or acupuncture, etc. As well as regular physical exercise, all help to relieve the symptoms and help the body to come back into balance, into ease, into alignment, reducing the tendency to dis-ease, and illness, and learn how to help the body to manage life. So in other words, within Back To Nature we are helping to build a heathy immune system, on the physical, emotional, and many other levels.  In Japa we are building a healthy immune system, on the psychological and spiritual level.

When we are stressed we are out of alignment, in this place it is possible to make very poor choices, which leads to even more stress, and so the cycle continues. This happens on a personal level, on a national level, an international and global scale. When we are stressed we go into survival modes, where only the fittest survive. This is how our world personal and global can do such horrible things to each other.

God rejoices.
Every time a human heart,
find the courage to love,
and not to hate

So this is where Japa yoga has such a great part to play. It’s all about vibration. The rhythmical vibrations produced by the repetition of the mantras regulate our unsteady vibration and help us to balance all the bodies, mentally emotionally, physically, spiritually, and energetically.

Very often when a person is in most need of meditation is when they are least likely and least able to create the space (and head space) to meditate.  Meditation is a tremendous tonic on a cellular level; it creates a rapid increase of energy to the cells of the body. Helping reduce and eventually elevate many of the symptoms and ailments we possess. For many years I have walked this path with customers, trying meditation cds, visualisation etc. but for many to no avail, their head just won’t be quiet.

Japa creates a stillness of mind almost without the person knowing it is happening, the repetition of the mantra brings a peace, and the mind is occupied with the words and so does not resist the peace coming in.
So simple so brilliant.

Japa And Our Chakra System

We all have a chakra system, which allows cosmic energy to flow around the bodies, moving with grace and ease when everything is as it should be. Chakra is the Sanskrit word which means “wheels of light”. The chakras appear as a wheel like vortices of pure energy. They can spin at great speed. They are found along the nave of the spine and through them a person’s spirit or soul become aligned, receptive and communicate with cosmic consciousness. In some truly spiritual people they can appear as radiant light. Each chakra has its own purpose, association and connection. Japa helps with balancing the chakras and making them receptive to the divine cosmic energy. This is part of our soul path allowing us to connect with our destiny our soul purpose.

Each chakra has its stuff, its karma and the mantras are there to vibrationally connect with the chakra, to bring to light (to the light, to the fire ) all life cycles so that our vibrational body can once again operate at its full power so allowing us to achieve our full potential, to live our lives with openness and ready for the next adventure.  Not limited by past experience or conditioning allowing us to become all that we are meant to be.

BASE CHAKRA:  security, survival, ambition, self-expression. The right to be here and to have.

SACRAL CHAKRA; creativity, movement, pleasure, sexual energy, feelings and emotions. The right to feel and have pleasure.

SOLAR PLEXUS; personality, will, desire, wishes impulse. The right to act and be an individual.

HEART CHAKRA;    love, relationships, balance, aesthetics, art, music, feelings and emotions, acceptance. The right to love and be loved.

THROAT CHAKRA; communication, expression, connected with sound, listening, laughter, crying. The right to speak and be heard.

THIRD EYE; knowing, being, intuition, imagination, insight, awareness, connects to universe. The right to see.

CROWN CHAKRA; knowledge beyond intellect, transcendence, union, oneness, vision, universe connection. The right to know and to learn

There are mantras within Japa for each chakra that will go in and clear and clean each chakra. In Japa yoga we call it burning  the karma (the mediation creates a heat while we chant, and that heat produces a burning), or you could say clearing out the baggage. So that we may travel light with only occasional hand baggage as it shows itself.

Ten Thousand Idiots;
It is always a danger, to aspirants on the path.
When they begin to believe and act.
As if the ten thousand idiots, who so long rules and lived inside.
Have all packed their bags, and skipped town, or died

Heart Chakra

Often through life, events happen that can slow down the flow of our energy system. Our heart  chakra gets wounded  through the joy of loving and the grief of loving sometimes  its slows down so much that it closes down, full of old hurt feelings , anger, unforgivenness,  and sadness. When we carry this karma, debris, and baggage, around in our being, it influences how we see our lives and is difficult to open the chakra again, to trust to allow energy to flow again. To allow love in again.

This is where the Japa yoga has such a crucial role to play.

Om mani padme om. Such simple words yet when uttered from the heart and soul can bring such healing, such immediate healing to the heart chakra.  I have witnessed people with many years’ experience  in Japa be astonished at the power of this simple mantra, for when the time is right the remedy appears and the karma is complete and the chakra is open and free to dance again.

Sacral Chakra

So much Karma and baggage can be held in the second chakra, it’s the first time duality comes into our being, and it’s all about our feelings. We filter every experience through the realm of feeling. When our needs, desires, and pleasures are denied, we disown the right to them; feel guilty for wanting them, and ashamed of having them. This is where the inner child and the shadow self, come into play. Robbing us of our confidence, and our creativity, and our alignment. Japa has a beautiful Mantra to help clean this chakra, restore our confidence, our courage, and open us to our creativity. I have had students use this mantra while doing presentations in work, when interacting with family and friends, and are amazed at the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle), difference it can make. Again, no big science needed, just repetition of the beautiful “Om I Am” mantra. And let the healing begin.

Power and Strength

Japa meditation allows us through the chakras, to access the power of the universe. It helps us to stand strong in our being, and allows us to have happiness and peace regardless of the ups and downs of life.

This life sometimes throws up challenges, and contrast, sometimes loss pain and suffering occur, it’s part of the life experience, the expansion. Sometimes we are unaware of the intended expansion, and our challenge is to remain conscious, and alert and not fall in to what I call “automatic pilot”. Our second challenge, is to keep our mind clear of negative thoughts, to stop illusion, Maya, and negative ego (the shadow self from taking our consciousness). The shadow self Is so subtle, it becomes the ignorance and arrogance of humanity. Ignorance is our tendency to ignore the guiding voice within, until we become so dense and deaf that we can no longer hear it. Then we become unconscious. Arrogance is an over estimation of our own importance, leading to disrespectful behaviour towards others. It betrays both the principals of love and power alike. We are challenged to stay centred and balanced, and maintain unconditional love, joy, and even-mindedness, and inner peace. This perhaps is what Parmamahansa Yogananda meant when he said; “ Life is a battlefield”.
So whether we are challenged with physical disease, dis-ease, on emotional, mental or spiritual levels, fatigue, overwhelment with self, or challenged with the negative energies from others and the environment, we have the Ina Huan , our mantra of protection from all the challenges that are attracted to us.
Japa mediation helps us to access our own inner strength, and knowing. Attuning us to grow in acceptance, confidence and well-being. Opening us up to the lives we were meant to live.

Ina Huan

Our most famous Manta is the “Ina Huan”. When we call in, the hierarchy, of Huna angels, the angels who spoke to King Solomon to assist him in his wisdom and knowing. This is the mantra of protection. It is known as a basic need for all people to feel physically and psychologically safe. Physic protection, holistic protection, and cosmic protection are all asked for and given with the “Ina Huan”. This allows us to feel, empowered and confident, and courageous,  as we live the dance of live.

This Universe And Our World Is Abundant

I believe that this universe it totally abundant and that we are here to achieve, all that we want to be, do and have.

But a lot of the time, our old belief systems contradict our wanting and our knowing. We language into, and feel that there is never enough for me! That life is tough! That money doesn’t grow on trees! That old age means loss, pain and suffering, and so many more beliefs that are based on a false premise. It is so important to be selective in our thoughts and in our focus, because our attention to it, will attract it to us, and keep it alive. Not just in us, but in the collective consciousness.
We are beside ourselves
Out of our own space.
Not present in our bodies.
And so the abundance, the joy, the love cannot find us, as we are not at home, in our own bodies..
If we are not at home within ourselves we are not open to receive. The gifts are being given, but nobody is home to answer the door to the cosmic postman. It is so important to be open to receive.
Japa mediation brings us home
Clears our path.
Allows us to be present.
Takes us out of our head, and the ramblings of the ego.
Brings us into alignment, so that the love, delight, abundance, and joy of this world can find us.
Master Shashi speaks of a Baba in India (who was his friend), and who was estimated to be 180 years old. Three generations went to him as children. All things are possible when in alignment.

Japa And The Soul Journey

There is mystery, miracles, and manifestation in the Mantra.

When we understand and can relate to, the Body Mind and the Soul Mind. When the connection is made, between Mind, Body and Soul, then we are living in sole purpose, we are fulfilling our divine destiny. Japa plays and intricate part in this connection. The mantra that most come to mind here, is the world famous, most sacred of the Vedic Mantras, the Gayatri, and is often called “the mother of the mantras”.  It tunes us with its vibrational coding and unlocks the chakras, to allow the divine cosmic energy, to flow to us and through us.

This connection is known as “Cosmic Consciousness”, “Buddha Consciousness”,  “Christ  Consciousness”, and what the Masters termed; “Enlightenment” .

Humanity fulfilling its destiny.
This is what the ancient Masters knew and why it was so important to hand Japa down from Master to student.

And so it continues…..

Love has drawn a circle.
Round the space between our dreams.
Embracing the place where lips touched eternity
After the word was spoken.
Love has drawn a circle round the longing
In our hearts, and the grace we have received.
To accept and understand these things.
For we have reached the place where
Angels dance and sing and