Christmas and 2017 New Year

By December 23, 2016Dennis Curran, Healers Course

An exercise to help healing

This is Christmas time and I have an exercise for you to make it more enjoyable and lighter.  If you are holding anything for anyone or if you are angry or frustrated with anybody, you could write a good message to that person and hang it on the Christmas tree. You could send them a blessing. They may not know or even care if you’re angry with them. They will be enjoying their Christmas while you’re sitting at home frustrated. It’s good to forgive. ch-tree

If you have anybody in spirit that you’re frustrated with, send them peace and love. Write them a letter and throw it into the fire and enjoy your Christmas. It’s good to heal.

Wish list for 2017

For the New Year 2017 you could write a wish list of the things you would like to happen for you. Put it in an envelope on top of your wardrobe or somewhere safe. Then when you meditate remember the things you wrote there.

wishlist_edit Someone close to me has what she calls ‘The Universal Jam Jar’. She writes down ten things she’d like to happen each year and she puts the list into the Universal Jam Jar and puts it up on top of the wardrobe. Every so often she checks the list and  ticks off the things she’s got. It’s amazing what she’s achieved with that. That is positive intention. When we get all that other stuff out of the way, and we start setting positive intentions, positivity will start turning up in our lives.